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    SALE: Arzei Habira 3 bedroom- Jerusalem apartment for sale

    Asking price: ₪4,200,000

    About this apartment

    Here is phenomenal sale opportunity in the new Arzei on Gmul Street. Wonderful neighborhood. quiet clean and nice and many English speakers too. Close walking to the Kosel and Old city, Mammilla, Meah Shearim, Ramat Eshkol and more!
    Arzei Habira (Hebrew: ארזי הבירה) is a frum neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel. It is bordered by Ma’alot Dafna to the north, Shmuel Hanavi to the west, Beit Yisrael to the south and Kvish 1 to the east.

    The apartment for sale is 108 sqm and located on the 2nd floor.
    It features a modern, newly renovated kosher kitchen,  great dining room, 3 bedrooms,  shabbos generator, and bars on all windows!
    The porch comes with an extension that is controlled with a remote mainly used for sukkos to extend the porch- which can sit 20 people!

    The apartment is fully air conditioned with additional extra a/c in the dining room and master bedroom.

    There is currently s a mikva in the parking spot but you can definitely get rid of it.

    Contact Shisha Realty-שישא ריאלטי:

    Israel- 02.500.4466

    USA- 718 408 8070











    2 Floor

    3 bedrooms



    Succah Balcony

    Air Conditioning


    Fully Furnished

    Window Bars


    Gmul Street, Jerusalem, Israel

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