rental and management services

Shisha Realty offers three different management plans:
long-term, short-term, and vacation home maintenance.

Whichever one you choose, it ensures that your home is well-maintained
and generates a reliable income.


Leave your home in good hands!

Shisha Realty offers comprehensive property management services for property owners who don’t live in Israel or who are otherwise unable to properly tend to their home or investment property. Our list of services is long but has one common objective: providing our clients with peace of mind and the knowledge that we are looking after their property as if it is our very own! Our property management team offers three general types of management services.

long term rental

This service is primarily geared for those who own an investment in Israel and wish to maximize their return by signing a quality long-term tenant and ensuring that the property is well managed and maintained:

  • Finding quality tenants with good credit and reliable means of payment
  • Drafting contracts that represent your best interests and representing you at lease signing
  • Collecting monthly rent payments and depositing them in your preferred bank account
  • Handling all tenants’ complaints and efficiently servicing all maintenance needs
  • Thoroughly reviewing and paying utilities, taxes and other bills
  • short term rental

    Shisha Realty also offers a service for owners who are looking to rent out their apartments to vacationers and short-term renters. While this requires more turnover, the per-night revenue is greater, and this arrangement also allows for the owners to use their homes when they are in Israel:

  • Advertising apartments far and wide to ensure maximum number of booked nights
  • Maintaining apartments in welcoming condition and thoroughly cleaning between renters
  • Collecting deposits upon confirmation and full payment prior to arrival
  • Being available for renters at all times
  • Vacation Homes

    For owners of a second home in Israel, our management team will carefully look after their home so that it doesn’t sit completely unattended for long stretches between stays:

  • Connecting alarm system to our phone services in case of emergency
  • Collecting and tending to all mail on a bi-weekly basis
  • Bi-weekly visits to each apartment with brief review of all systems
  • Paying bills on time and ensuring that there are no abnormalities
  • Restocking refrigerator/pantry and freshening up home prior to each visit so that client feels comfortably at home upon arrival
  • Inspection

    The eyes you can trust

    For property buyers, one of the most underrated steps in the process is the inspection, or ‘bedek bayit’ in Hebrew. While many issues might seem minor and only require a cursory look, a qualified inspector knows what to focus on to avoid needless aggravation and monetary expenses down the road.

    Shisha Realty’s inspection team has earned a reputation as the eyes and ears of savvy buyers throughout the country. We go through every detail with a fine-tooth comb and have successfully saved buyers untold sums of money by requiring sellers to pay for repairs or mend damages before accepting the keys and finalizing the deal.

    In addition to entrusting your bedek bayit to our highly trained experts, there are further benefits in scheduling your inspection with a full-service realty firm like Shisha Realty. Since we know the industry and manage numerous properties in Israel, we know what to look for and the most common problems that might arise later on. Additionally, if we are to manage the inspected property in the future, it is in our best interest to inspect the property thoroughly since any eventual issues will be ours to deal with.

    In the words of Yakov Shisha, president

    Knowing that I’ve been born and bred in Jerusalem, friends from all over the world would ask me to arrange their vacation rentals in Israel, which I gladly did.

    “That was well over a decade ago, and I did not yet fully understand the nuances between the living standards of my friends and the kind of apartments they were renting. When one of my ‘clients’ pulled me aside and told me that there must be apartments of an upper grade out there, I saw the tremendous opportunity to start a real estate, management and rental agency for upscale apartments and the services that come along with it.

    This was the impetus behind Shisha Realty.