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For the past decade, we have been at the forefront of the real estate scene in Israel proudly earning us the title The #1 realty group in israel.

Be it buying, selling or property management, with Shisha Realty you can rest assured that your interests are being served with honesty & integrity. Our passion for Israel and its real estate is what truly sets us apart because after all, home is where the heart is!


There are many reasons you might want to sell your property. But at the end of the day, turning a nice profit is a high priority. Before putting your property on the market, we conduct an on-site visit to the property and analyze what can be done to increase the property’s value to ensure a smooth & quick sale. We then discuss these with you, the client, and together decide upon the right course of action to ensure you get the maximum profit on the sale of your property. We then proceed to show the property to a wide variety of brokers and potential buyers until the perfect match is found and a contract is signed.

When you lock in your property with one broker, you might miss out on finding the best buyer putting you, the seller, at a disadvantage. Why be locked in with one broker when you can have multiple brokers all working on your behalf trying to sell your property? We look forward to representing you and your property. Leave it to the Shisha Realty, where you’re in good hands!

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From The Thought of Buying - to Beyond the Purchase.

Buying an apartment in Jerusalem can be a long and tiring process. By using Shisha Realty to represent you, you can rest assured, knowing that are in good hands. From looking for the perfect apartment that fits your needs, and up and until the deal is closed and the key to your apartment is in your hands, with a done deal, working with Shisha Realty ensures that you get the apartment you wanted, while smoothing out the often complicated processes involved in making a deal happen.


Be it the inspection company that comes in and discovers unpleasant surprises such as mold, or ensuring that the water pressure in the apartment is up to par, or any of the many of other things that buyers don’t even realize can be lurking in the background, the Shisha Realty will watch for the many issues that often cause aggravation and major headaches later. Spare yourself the headache by dealing with the experts. We were born and bred here - we know Israeli real estate like nobody else!

Payment Schedule and Security

By structuring the payment schedules according to the buyer’s needs, working with the mortgage broker, and by having the contract amended, if necessary, to include issues discovered Shisha Realty will be there to assist you so that your purchase goes smoothly. Shisha Realty also double checks the other people involved in the real estate transaction—for example, ensuring that the attorney verifies apartment ownership as belonging to the seller, and that the apartment is constructed and inhabited in accordance with the zoning; double checking that every meter of your apartment is actually legally registered, and, in the sale of new construction, ensuring that you get your bank security guarantees after each installment payment.

Closing the Deal - and Beyond

Shisha Realty will advise the buyer in negotiations for the purchase of property, ensuring when possible that the price agreed upon is paid in the currency of the Buyers choosing. We use our extended professional knowledge and skills to assist you, the Buyer throughout the transaction.

In addition, The Shisha Realty assists in your interactions with the sellers, attorneys, banks, mortgage brokers, as well as architects and government legalities.

We wish you Mazel Tov on your decision
to Invest in Eretz Yisrael and we look forward
to working with you!

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