rental and management services

Shisha Realty offers three different management plans:
long-term, short-term, and vacation home maintenance.

Whichever one you choose, it ensures that your home is well-maintained
and generates a reliable income.

long term management

  • Be sure that only trustworthy and suitable tenants will be renting your apartment
  • We sign contracts with tenants on your behalf
  • We collect security deposits to avoid any future problems
  • Your rental income will be collected and deposited directly into your bank account on a monthly basis.
  • Your tenants will know they can call us at any time. Any problems will be sorted out as quickly as possible.
  • short term management

  • Apartments will be widely advertised to ensure we fill up the booking calendar for the maximum number of nights possible.
  • By being available for your tenants around the clock, you can relax knowing your tenants will be well looked after whatever time of day they arrive.
  • After taking the deposit, the balance of the rental payment due is collected upon guest arrival to avoid issues.
  • Homesitting Management

    Not keen on the idea of your apartment totally unattended for most of the year?
    With this option, your apartment will be monitored constantly – including:

  • Connecting your alarm system to our phone services in case of emergency.
  • Your mail will be collected and attended to on a monthly basis.
  • Your bills will be paid up on time.
  • Making sure that when you come to your apartment it will be freshened and stocked up, looked after and fully prepared for you to start enjoying your stay.
  • In the words of Yakov Shisha, president

    Knowing that I’ve been born and bred in Jerusalem, friends from all over the world would ask me to arrange their vacation rentals in Israel, which I gladly did.

    “That was well over a decade ago, and I did not yet fully understand the nuances between the living standards of my friends and the kind of apartments they were renting. When one of my ‘clients’ pulled me aside and told me that there must be apartments of an upper grade out there, I saw the tremendous opportunity to start a real estate, management and rental agency for upscale apartments and the services that come along with it.

    This was the impetus behind Shisha Realty.