Shisha Realty Extends Efforts on Behalf of International Buyers

Jerusalem – The current COVID-19 crisis has impacted the Israeli real estate market in many ways. The last few years have seen an explosion in ground-up construction projects throughout the country with tens of thousands of apartments and homes in the process of being built. These large construction projects have hit a speed bump during the lock-downs but appear to now be back on track.

In recent weeks, a number of buyers whose new purchases are currently being built expressed frustration that they are unable to visit Israel and properly check in on the work being done. As a company that has helped hundreds of such buyers over the years, there has been an influx of requests for assistance with construction oversight.

In response to these requests, Shisha Realty announced that additional staff have been hired and reassigned to focus on this matter. Utilizing the years of experience in this field, the representatives review contract details, go through plans and personally go down to the job sites to ensure that everything is done exactly as clients wished and planned for. In the past, there have been numerous situations where a mistake or miscommunication during the building process has caused much disappointment or financial loss, and even decreased the values of properties. The team aims to ensure that such situations don’t happen to any new clients.

Over the years, the Shisha Realty team has developed a sixth sense to pick up if things are going right and according to plan. Many grateful buyers have benefited from the quality on-the-ground oversight which serves as the eyes and ears of those overseas.

The firm is still fielding calls from individuals around the world who wish to benefit from this important service. As always, Shisha is up to the challenge, servicing those who plan to call Israel home.